Johnson County Sheriff


Certified Instructors  As of December 2014

Jerry Keith Beverly             Hagerhill          606-788-1050

Sameul F. Burt                   Hagerhill          606-367-1440

Alvin Derrick Castle             Lexington         859-396-4566

Alvin D. Castle                   Nippa               606-789-4075

Timothy William Cook         Staffordsville    606-369-7688

Jonathan A. Holbrook         Paintsville         606-371-0786

William G. Hyden               Paintsville         606-264-5130

Mike G. Jarrell                   Williamsport      606-792-2928

Ancil Ward Lewis                Hagerhill           606-424-8192

Billy G. Lewis                     Hagerhill           606-297-6970

William Todd Lykins           Staffordsville      606-792-5403

Keithen Douglas McKenzie  Thelma              606-489-8641

Bradley Richard McKinney   Van Lear           606-369-7360

Michael Travis O'Bryan       Sitka                 606-265-4833

Christopher Brandon Penix  Oil Springs        606-793-0433

Chadwick M. Penix             Hagerhill            606-793-4120

Thomas Neil Rice               Hagerhill            606-367-7573

Jason Willis Rohr               Hagerhill             606-220-0325

Charles Todd Tuozzo          Nippa                 606-297-5022

James M. York                   Hagerhill             606-792-8701


For information on Carry and Concealed Deadly Weapons visit the website listed below: